Paper, an ephemeral, delicate, eclectic, vivid material. Paper, passion in my hands.
A passion born with me and watching my mother’s skillful hands, a legacy of sense of beauty and well done.

I seek for prodigious structures of Nature, my first source of inspiration, in its geometric forms and in its infinite shade of colors, experimenting always new techniques and coloring, to rediscover the intimate relationship with the natural world, the emotional wonder, the unexpected surprise.

My work is the result of an intuitive, inner process that starts from a modest, poor, undervalued material, to arrive at a tactile three-dimensionality and at a meticulous final realistic accuracy, through the movement of my hands in dialogue with the paper texture.

The delicate and palpable experiences of  my flowers, leaves and plants try essentially to awaken emotions to transmit harmony and well-being.


papier tHerapY

“The fifth season” is the time where nature is reborn as a creative act.
The reverent attention of all natural forms and the study of ancient botanical motifs stimulated me
to create reproductions with paper, interpreting beauty and greatness of nature. Osho said: “If you
love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love “. A
flower reproduced patiently, in detail, arouses wonder, seduction and leads to a more intimate
reflection on our relationship with nature and life.

The pleasure of sharing my experience guided me to organize workshops with the “hands in paper”, where I try to transfer my passion that brings to extract from the deep soul of the participants visions and emotions sometimes hidden.

Cutting, folding, modeling, water coloring, giving shape to an idea, reproducing perfection of nature, brings our creative concentration to remove the bonds of thought and the commitment of everyday life, providing lightness and joy.

Almost a “paper therapy”, a meditative practice that accompanies the creatives towards a wider self-awareness and more mindfulness about the things observed. A practice brings us back to the childhood’s happiness for having achieved something special, unique and truly ours.


paper jewels

Paper Jewels are ornaments where paper, especially crepe paper, takes impalpable and realistic shapes.

Thus are born necklaces that celebrate nature and body, adorning with irony and lightness.
Attractive earrings and rings, that are essential and vibrant at the same time. Fruits, leaves, flowers with soft shades, ready to bloom at first glance.
Paper jewels induce consideration about the meaning of the ornament. 

No longer limited to the value of precious materials, they re-evaluate the creative and stylistic research path. Thanks to the beauty and simplicity of the material and to the skill of the artisan gesture, they narrate seemingly marginal languages and aspects: details, movements, nuances, consistency and sustainability.

Papier pour la Vie takes shape in aesthetically beautiful ornaments, but also ethically coherent ornaments.

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